Record cleaner box set

Record cleaner box set:
200ml Record cleaner
Vinyl Brush
Stylus cleaner
Pickup brush
Lint free cotton cloth


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AM Denmark
Clean sound since 1971

Record cleaner box set

The AM Record Cleaner Set features quick and effective vinyl cleaning solutions that no record owner should be without. Essential cleaning, stabilising and anti-static treatment for your vinyl records and pick-up.
The specially formulated non-abrasive AM Record Cleaner and Anti-Static Vinyl Brush safely and efficiently lift dust, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl collection, while the AM Stylus Brush removes dust, grit and particles worn from the stylus tip.


AM Denmark
Clean sound since 1971


Record cleaner box set Record cleaner box set
200ml non-abrasive record cleaning solution
Ultra fine carbon fibre brush
Carbon fiber brush
Non-abrasive solution and brush for application
2 lint free cotton cloths

The Record cleaner box set gives you:

/ 01 Reduced stylus and record wear and improve tonal accuracy
/ 02 Smoother, richer tonal balance
/ 03 Increased dynamic range
/ 04 Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity and instrumental definition
/ 05 Improved bass response
/ 06 Substantial reduction in vinyl noise floor
/ 07 Increased vinyl longevity

AM Denmark
Clean sound since 1971

Specially formulated non-abrasive solution

Specially formulated to liberate your gear from all dust, dirt and greasy fingerprints, the AM cleaning solution is highly efficient, safe and non-abrasive.

We went back to the drawing board and reengineered the solution to ensure that you get more from your music.

Enjoy static free playback, reduced wear and prolonged life of your records and cassettes.


AM Denmark
Clean sound since 1971

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